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E.Q.U.I.P. Coronavirus Cleaning and Disinfection Services

Keep your staff, patients, and customers safe from COVID-19

E.Q.U.I.P.’s cleaning and disinfection services can help to stop COVID-19, as well as other respiratory viruses, from spreading through hospitals, clinics, and commercial properties through either surface contact or via HVAC systems.

E.Q.U.I.P. only employs products meeting the EPA criteria for dealing with SARS-CoV-2 (the COVID-19 virus); it eliminates the virus in under a minute and remains active for up to 24 hours. Only 0.02% of US custodial businesses have been awarded the Cleaning Industry Management Standard for Green Buildings (CIMS-GB) certification, and we are proud to say that E.Q.U.I.P. is one of them.

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Coronavirus Cleaning & Disinfection Services

For more than three decades, we have been the trusted company for the cleaning and disinfection of substantial commercial facilities, Facility Detention Centers, Medical Clinics, and military bases.

High-Touch Point Disinfection

Surfaces that experience multiple touches from many different individuals in the course of the day, e.g. telephones, sink faucets, light switches, and doorknobs, can become contaminated directly or indirectly when they are contacted by objects already contaminated, e.g., poorly washed hands or cleaning materials that have not been properly disinfected. Our robust cleaning methods employ cutting-edge certified green products, equipment, tools, and delivery systems, to thoroughly and effectively fully disinfect both healthcare and non-healthcare environments.

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