Providing Job Opportunities for People with Disabilities


Since 2001 E.Q.UI.P. Enterprises, Inc. has been providing its customers with the unique opportunity to employ a social enterprise that provides cleaning and ground maintenance services. Our company aims to provide opportunities to persons with disabilities in order to assist them overcome barriers that limit their potential.


E.Q.U.IP. Enterprises, Inc. is a fully insured and licensed, professional company servicing an array of industries to include Medical Facilities, Military Bases and Homeland Security. EQUIP Enterprises, Inc. is a team of professionals with a proven track record that has the ability to successfully transform customer’s expectations into reality. We have a proven system developed and operated by a team of experts with over 20 years experience who operate as a transparent, approachable and responsive team to ensure we are always in step with your needs.


We know that our success in building relationships with our clients has been made possible through the talent and dedication of our employees. Our commitment is to serve our employees well so they in turn can serve our clients well. We provide competitive wages and benefits, embrace diversity, promote  inclusion, and encourage personal and professional development. We are united by a culture that celebrates hiring persons with disabilities and treating them with respect and dignity.

E.Q.U.I.P. Enterprises, Inc., An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer

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